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Compare The 2019 Colorado Crew Cab vs Colorado Extended Cab

The first Chevrolet Colorado came out in 2004. It has always been marketed as a midsize pickup truck. Its size is smart and simple. Its engine is powerful and efficient. You can take it to work with you each day, and itís even functional off the beaten path. Itís a very practical investment to consider if you are in the market for a new vehicle.


2019 Chevy Spark Model Review

The new Chevy Spark features numerous improvements that set it apart from its predecessor. It now has an upgraded infotainment system that features new USB ports. The 2019 Chevy Spark exterior design has also been updated. Its revised front-end appearance is more appealing.


How To Safeguard Your Car From Hacking

When manufacturers first began adding microcomputers to vehicles decades ago, even they never could have anticipated how very connected cars would be today. After all, the first "apps" only appeared in the late 2010's and even cellphone usage wasn't all that "connected" up until that time. When people began using payment information to buy online apps and interact with their phones in this way, hacking of cellphones became a real thing.